Websites & Retailers I Visit:

With thanks to the following various service/product providers, whom offer free ways for new starters needing to get your website/ecommerce shop out in the 'www'.

Directories of UK commercial retailers and suppliers I wish to thank for their free listings. Ideal for new starters in business. You can get your free starter listing for your website by making a request to the following, that I personally recommend.

PS: Some recommendations do come with an incentive to me (points or small commissions). However, this does not mean I promote products or services that I myself either don't like or enjoy using, or find useful. Due to also being a savvy online shopper, I will now be including a new page for those that need some new inspiration when it comes to gift buying; 'Top Monthly New Deals and Discounts'from other greater online retailers, that you might not necessarily ever find or come across otherwise.

Where I live, which is in Skegness on the East Coast, there is limited choice of unique or independant shops, whereby you can find more unique gifts and pieces, just like in my online shop; lovely-gifts. Plus, you have more access to choice and the opportunity to be fully informed before making a purchase online. Look out for my Monthly top discounts and deals and see what you can save too!

Any incentives earned, are put towards my continual building and growing of my online gift shop as well as 5p for each commission will be going to Parkinson's charity, as this is personal to our family. Thank you.

Claire Riding - Shop Owner & Manager

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