Aromatica Backflow Incense Cones  

Aromatica Backflow Incense Cones.

Aromatica back flow incense cones are a great natural alternative to other home fragrances, which could irritate our airways. They are made with natural hers, resins and essential oils. they are made in such as way that the smoke cascades down the backflow holder (available here), to give a dramatic looking effect and really enhance the beauty of the burner. It's a unique way to scent your home. There is a hole in the back flow oil burner's that means the smoke swirls, twists and pool's at the bottom. Very relaxing to watch. Ideal for meditating, yoga and aromatherapy.

Back Flow Incense Cones are made with natural herbs, oils& resins. These cones are designed such that smoke cascade down to enhance beauty of burner and perfume your home for a longer time. 

Sold in a box with 10 cones.

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