Christmas Delivery

Christmas & New Year Delivery Times 2019-2020 Royal Mail last recommended dispatch day for Christmas deliveries: 18th December Lovely-gifts recommended* last day for placing orders for Christmas deliveries: - Friday 13th December (Standard UK Delivery) - Thursday 19th December (UK Express) - Thursday 12th December (International Standard) *Although this is recommended, we have extra courier collections booked every day in [...]  Read more >

Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits And Uses

Frankincense Essential Oil - 5 Benefits & 5 Recipes Frankincense Essential Oil has a fresh, sweet and spicy aroma and comes from the resin inside the Boswellia tree. The trees grow in the dry regions of Africa, the Middle East and India. It’s an oil that has been used over 1000’s of years and especially in Ayurvedic medicine, whereby it seems to offer a variety of health benefits, which includes aiding digestion, relieving the symptoms of arthritis and healing small cuts and scrapes. PS: I even use [...]  Read more >

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Uses And Recipes

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - 5 Benefits & 5 Recipes Eucalyptus Essential Oil is another one of my top 6 oils to always have available at home. Eucalyptus is one of the best oils for supporting healthy breathing because of its ability to unclog and clear congestion, reduce mucus and supports all aspects of our respiratory system. If you have inflammation in the muscles you should use this oil and/or add it to other anti-inflammatory essential oils for an extra boost. Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil in you [...]  Read more >

Changed Web Host To A Greener One

So I'd been with a web host company called Just Host for the last 3/4 years and their prices were just going higher and their service lower. This is why I sought a new hosting provider, which happened to be a UK Company called 'Eco-Hosting' - and as the name also suggests, it is a 'green' web host company - bonus! I never actually realised this was a 'thing' - but after reading up about this company, I was feeling they would be the perfect fit for me and my online gift shop; because I pr [...]  Read more >
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