Win 6 100g Natural Soap Slices

We've 6 varieties of hand crafted, natural ingredient soap slices... ...One lucky winner will get to experience the gorgeous scents and interesting textures of the soaps. Enjoy lathering up knowing that each soap slice is vegan! SLS & Paraben free! The Soaps You Will Get: Aromatherapy Soap Slice Artisan Olive Oil Soap Slice Spaghetti Soap Slice Tropical Soap Slice Loofah Scrub Soap Slice Wild 'n' Natural, Textured Soap Slice Simply Head Over To My Facebook Page @lovelygiftsandpieces and scr [...]  Read more >

Coronavirus Policy

Last update: 26th April 2020 Despatch times are approx 2-3 days You can be assured that all Government advise is being followed. Ultimately, it is people's safety that comes first. I work purely online and therefore, I am able to continue managing my online shop. Please read below the important coronavirus message update from my UK supplier. A F.Y.I from my Supplier - "We’re keeping our warehouse open for as long as we safely can. We’re in constant touch with all relevant authoriti [...]  Read more >

Best Essential Oils To Use For Symptoms Of Flu and Other Viruses

Best Essential Oils To Use For Symptoms Of Flu and Other Viruses Ideally, you want to use essential oils with antiviral properties first and foremost (if using with keeping flu or even the coronavirus at bay or managing the symptoms better if you already have one of these). Other properties such as antibacterial and antimicrobial are very useful for killing bacteria and preventing germs from spreading. For added protection, it is possible that the chemical compounds such as the anti-viral properti [...]  Read more >

Loyalty Reward Points

New from January 2020 you can start earning reward points on products £5 or more. For every £5 spent, you earn 1 point = 10p. Once you get to a minimum of £5 to will be able to spend them in the online shop on any product you like! There are lots of year-round products that you might like to treat yourself to (as well as gift to your friends and family of course!), such as the lush smelling, hand crafted bath bombs, or 100g natural handmade soap slices. If you are a lover of home fragrances and prefer to [...]  Read more >

Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits And Uses

Frankincense Essential Oil - 5 Benefits & 5 Recipes Frankincense Essential Oil has a fresh, sweet and spicy aroma and comes from the resin inside the Boswellia tree. The trees grow in the dry regions of Africa, the Middle East and India. It’s an oil that has been used over 1000’s of years and especially in Ayurvedic medicine, whereby it seems to offer a variety of health benefits, which includes aiding digestion, relieving the symptoms of arthritis and healing small cuts and scrapes. PS: I even use [...]  Read more >
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