Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits And Uses

// What Are The Benefits Of Turmeric Essential Oil? Turmeric is also referred to as 'Golden Spice' - This is believed to be the very 'Gold' that was gifted to Jesus by the Three Wise Men, due to it's powerful healing properties. Turmeric is fantastic for the skin -  It’s been used as a remedy for many skin conditions, such as tackling acne prone skin, banishing blemishes and scars. Turmeric has rich antiseptic and antioxidant properties, which are both brilliant at fighting all kinds of ski [...]  Read more >

What Are The Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

// What Are The Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp? Himalayan Salt Lamps are a wonderful addition to any home, office or other work space, because they look absolutely stunning and so unique; they'll certainly be noticed by any visitor that comes by. Himalayan Salt is excavated from the Himalayan Mountains, Pakistan. It is thought it may actually be beneficial to our long-term general health, in particular, our respiratory system and airways. When the salt lamp is lit and warms up, it emits positi [...]  Read more >

Save Money On Your Gift Buying

Save Money On Your Gift Buying... If you have a lot of gift buying to do throughout the year, you might be pleased to know that there are savvy ways of getting more gifts for your money! Here at Lovely Gifts And Pieces, there are many selected products that give you the choice to purchase more than one of the same items and get the individual cost of each one cheaper! Multi buy savings are available throughout my online shop, for example, Hand Crafted Bath Bombs (New Window) department, there are savi [...]  Read more >

July Prize Draw | Win Gift Voucher

*FREE PRIZE DRAW GIVEAWAY COMPETITION* #Win £20 credit to spend in my online shop https://lovely-gifts.co.uk To enter: Pop over to my Facebook Fan Page Lovely Gifts And Pieces (Opens New Window) Like the pinned post ? Tag 2 of your friends ? Share the post ? Must do all 3 for the chance to win ? Winner will be announced on the 31st July 2019. I use randomiser software to automatically select the winner.   Read more >

4 Tips To Keep Spiders Away Naturally

4 Tips To Keep Spiders Away Naturally It's spider season and my flat is very prone to inviting those horrid, long legged dangling spiders, which I loathe! I don't like the thought of killing them really and tend to hoover them up; I'm not sure if that actually kills them or not but when I empty them into the outside bin, perhaps they are able to crawl their way out! That said, I need to spider-proof my home and luckily, I have a few little tricks up my sleeve with the use of essential oils! Ec [...]  Read more >
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