4 Tips To Keep Spiders Away Naturally

4 Tips To Keep Spiders Away Naturally

Spiders and How To Keep Them At Bay

It's spider season and my flat is very prone to inviting those horrid, long legged dangling spiders, which I loathe! I don't like the thought of killing them really and tend to hoover them up; I'm not sure if that actually kills them or not but when I empty them into the outside bin, perhaps they are able to crawl their way out!

That said, I need to spider-proof my home and luckily, I have a few little tricks up my sleeve with the use of essential oils! Eco-friendly and kinder to those pesky spiders! -

Why Use Essential Oils To Repel Spiders? Well, there are certain scents that repel spiders, therefore, by using them around the home, I can pretty much guarantee those spiders won't come near the place.

I used these methods last summer to great effect – in fact, I experimented by not spritzing around the home for a week or so and in that time, spiders returned! When I keep on top of 'spider-proofing', they stay away.

My 4 Tips To Keep Spiders Away

Tip 1 – Place a few drops of eucalyptus and cinnamon essential oil into a spray bottle with about a cup full of water. Lightly swish the water so that the oils mix when you spritz it around the home. I lightly spray around the windows, over my viols and in the air around the home. A little bit of water spray won't be a problem, well, being careful not to spritz over electrical items of course. Spritz daily.

Tip 2 – I've got some pot pourri, which have lost their original scents and therefore, I place some drops of essential oil over them. They sit in little wooden decorative bowls on the window sills in the living room and the bedroom.

Scent Pot Pourri with Essential Oils That Repel Spiders

I use cinnamon, lavender and orange essential oils. Not only will this deter creepy crawlies, your home will be getting some natural home fragrance as well!

Tip 3 – For any little gaps around the home in the walls, near the skirting boards and such like, soak some little cotton balls with whichever spider repelling essential oils you like and stick into those crevices and gaps where possible.

Tip 4 – Diffuse your chose essential oils either in an atomiser, which is plugged in or an essential oil burner, which you fill with water and drops of essential oil(s). Either way is another good way to stop unwanted spiders, as well as filling your home with natural fragrances.
Diffuse essential OIls in oil burner

So there you have it. A kind, natural way to keep spiders at bay! The bonus with using any of these essential oils, is that there are many other uses for them, so you really do get great value for your money when you use them around the home.

I only use Ancient Wisdom's essential oils and other aromatherapy products because they are fantastic value for money, but most importantly, they are pure and natural, they are high quality and they work!

Head over to my 'Essential Oils' department and choose your preferred scents to use in keeping spiders away. I'd love your feedback as well! Head over to my Facebook page and let me know if you try any of my tips.

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Bye for now! Claire.

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