About Me

Claire - Shop Owner Hi and welcome to my 'lovely-gifts' blog. My name is Claire and I am the Shop Owner. I am proud of the lovely gifts and pieces I have to offer, especially because they are ethically-sourced from around the globe. This means if you are looking for something probably not on your High Street and a bit unique, then this is a great place to look!

There are many handmade, hand carved and crafted items, which are made using sustainable materials, such as in the Wooden Gifts department, where Suar and Albesia wood, both fast-growing trees are created into unique pieces of decor.

For pampering and bath time lovers, visit my Aromatherapy and Bath & Body Gifts department, discover handcrafted bath bombs and soaps that use natural products such as essential oils.

Speaking of essential oils, if the recipient of your gift, or perhaps you yourself loves anything that's made from natural resources, which can be used for treating ailments and such like, hop over to 'Aromatherapy' where I have a great selection of 100% pure and natural essential oils, made here in the UK by Ancient Wisdom and includes base oils, otherwise known as carrier oils.

If you are unsure of which oils to try, I am more than happy to point you in the right direction; simply contact me and I will respond as soon as possible:(I always acknowledge within a few hours), however, may need a little longer when responding with advise, which is based both on my own personal use and experience with using essential oils, as well as ongoing research of them and their powerful benefits.

  So, what can I tell you about me? My work background is mainly in the sales/retail industry, with some administration work thrown into the mix. I also used to work a part-time bar job in the evenings for many years until the age of 28 when one evening, I'd been stood behind the bar for about 2 hours and at that point, was in immense pain with my lower back. (I'd been suffering with lower back aching for approx 5 years at this point in time), however, Doctors had dismissed my aches saying it was probably because I suffer with depression.

Anyway, long story short, the Dr finally took me seriously and a MRI showed that I had discal degenerative disease in L5/6 along with some other lower back problems; suffice to say, I had to give up doing bar work for extra cash. I also had to find new work, which was based in an office so that I could manage my condition better. I'm now on morphine patches to manage the pain and the problems with my back lead on to how and why I set up my online gift shop lovely-gifts.co.uk......

There will come a day I can not physically manage to go out to work (I also currently work in a small office part-time) and I don't want to be faced with the rest of my life on benefits and with no goals or ambitions to strive for. Therefore, with absolutely no web design, web coding or web graphic experience, I set upon self-learning as much as I could. I love learning how to do it all and making the website look and feel good and easy to navigate is my ongoing focus and a working progress.

Then I had to decide what I wanted to sell as an online retailer. As I am into recycling and repurposing stuff around the home where possible, as well as believing in ethical fair trading, eco-friendly products, I was lucky enough to discover my UK Manufacturer and Wholesaler; Ancient Wisdom. There Company ethics are fantastic. They visit the local families and Artisan's around the globe when doing their buying of handmade, hand carved gifts and pieces, which is good to know. They ensure the workers are paid fairly and have decent working condition

Ancient Wisdom also produce 100% pure and natural essential oils, which I am a massive advocate of using and their oils in particular, which I use on a day to day basis for many different things, such as making my own flea repel spray for my dog Bella, to making my own antibacterial kitchen spray, as well as blending my own tinctures for massage and in skin care use; is the only Brand I use. That's how much I love them. I trust them and there oils have never had any bad effects on me or my dog.

Anyway, If you do browse my online shop, I hope you find it easy to navigate and simple to checkout and go! Many of the products are delivered directly from my Supplier, which means I have less overheads, which in turn means I can charge the RRP and sometimes less, on the different gifts and pieces on offer. New products are added Monthly. I also have many selected items with multibuy savings available, which is ideal if you have a lot of gift buying to do throughout the year!

Thanks for reading this today, I'll let you get on with some happy browsing!

You can follow my website news and updates on my Facebook page here at https://www.facebook.com/lovelygiftsandpieces - you will also get exclusive offers and get to hear about new stuff in as well as the latest deals and savings. PS: Like my page and be in with a chance of winning a gift prize when I run my free prizedraw's!