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Hey how's you doing? The last couple of weeks has been a bit full on for me due to changing opensource ecommerce software from Zen Cart to Thirtybees. Don't get me wrong, Zen Cart has been good to me and allowed me to learn a bit about coding and design. However, there were one or two things that kept troubling me and having discovered Thirtybees by 'accident' whilst browsing online for something else, was a'universe' send(I don't believe in God -per se) however, I do believe in the energies of the Univers [...]  Read more >

About Me

 Hi and welcome to my 'lovely-gifts' blog. My name is Claire and I am the Shop Owner. I am proud of the lovely gifts and pieces I have to offer, especially because they are ethically-sourced from around the globe. This means if you are looking for something probably not on your High Street and a bit unique, then this is a great place to look! There are many handmade, hand carved and crafted items, which are made using sustainable materials, such as in the Wooden Gifts department, where Suar and Albesia woo [...]  Read more >
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