Changed Web Host To A Greener One

So I'd been with a web host company called Just Host for the last 3/4 years and their prices were just going higher and their service lower. This is why I sought a new hosting provider, which happened to be a UK Company called 'Eco-Hosting' - and as the name also suggests, it is a 'green' web host company - bonus!

I never actually realised this was a 'thing' - but after reading up about this company, I was feeling they would be the perfect fit for me and my online gift shop; because I promote gift products that are both ethically friendly, as well as eco-friendly due to the sustainable and fast-growing materials used!

Below is a snippet taken from their website:-


Domains and Hosting since 1999.

As a high energy usage business we were not content to just sit back and do nothing about it. So whilst hosting thousands of domains and hosting packages, Eco Hosting was determined to give something back and to try to meet the lower carbon emissions targets before it was made compulsory by the government. A new environmentally friendly web hosting and domain name registration business was born from an existing corporate and private web hosting business.

Green and eco web hosting businesses are now appearing all over the internet but we are one of the original businesses to offset our data centre carbon emissions in the UK."

Visit their website to find out more (Opens New Window)