Fair Trade Policy

All of Lovely-Gifts Hand Made And Globally Sourced Products Are Traded Fairly.

Lovely Gifts & Pieces is an Independent Online Re-seller run by my good-self; Claire Riding. I have a passion for ethically fair traded products, as well as eco-friendly pieces too. I believe we can make small differences if we each did 'our little bit' to help the planet, to help other people that are perhaps poorer than ourselves and this can be very much so down to where they live in the World. There are so many amazing skilled Artisan's and local family business' in places such as Indonesia, India, Thailand, Bali and even China - and by trading fairly with them for their goods, can only be a good thing right!

I am teamed up with a UK Manufacturer and Wholesale Company called Ancient Wisdom. They send their buyers out to the remote regions and villages, whereby they spend time with them and sit down and talk proper business with them. They ensure that they have  proper working conditions, which are comfortable. They also of course ensure they are paid a fair wage. That was a big part of why I became a re-seller for AW. They have the type of products that I personally love, as well as offering these hand crafted products, which are made using sustainable materials.

The Business Ethics Of Particular Concern Are:

1) Child Labour in Developing Countries

2) Testing On Animals

3) Fair Trade

All the above form a part of the decision and buying process when dealing with global traders.