Fire At Warehouse

Stock Update 7th August: I've decided to temporarily close the aromatherapy department because my Supplier needs some time to catch up with new supplies.

Bath & Body - There's some lovely new soap flower bouquets and soap gifts, however, soap slices and bath bombs are still currently unavailable. These are handmade in-house and again, AW require some catch up time. Not helped by the coronavirus situation and having to work with less staff at staggered times.

Ethical Bags & Jute - I've some fab new ethically sourced handmade shoulder bags, recycled bags, totes, grab handle, bags for life, jute bags, bins and baskets.


Over the weekend just gone, 4th July my Supplier had a big fire in one of their warehouse blocks. This has obviously been devastating in terms of a lot of stock having gone up in smoke. That said, the fire happened in the evening, which means noone was injured and that we are thankful for.

This does mean however, that some stock in some departments are either very low or currently not available until more stock is brought in. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you, especially if you are a regular buyer of aromatherapy essential oils, whereby all 10ml bottles are no longer here until we get some more in now.

You can keep updated by popping back to this blog page or visit my Facebook page, 'lovelygiftsandpieces' (Opens New Window)

PS: On a better note, I am pleased to say that there will be some new lovely gifts and pieces coming over the next few weeks!