Save Money On Your Gift Buying

Save Money On Your Gift Buying...

If you have a lot of gift buying to do throughout the year, you might be pleased to know that there are savvy ways of getting more gifts for your money! Here at Lovely Gifts And Pieces, there are many selected products that give you the choice to purchase more than one of the same items and get the individual cost of each one cheaper!

Multi buy savings are available throughout my online shop, for example, Hand Crafted Bath Bombs (New Window) department, there are savings to be made on each bomb when you purchase between 2 - 6 together. Savings do vary on the different types of bath bombs, on average about 50p per bomb. Even if you don't have too many gifts to buy throughout the year, you might wish to treat yourself now and again, or perhaps you could go halves with a friend that might like to try a bath bomb! Whichever way, you save!

Products Better As  A Pair...

Some products cost the same amount for the postage whether you purchase 1 or 2 of that item. These items are also perfect in pairs, such as these cute and eco-friendly Recycled Tea Light Candle Holders. (Opens New Window).

Small Bulk Buying Made Easy And Affordable...

Because I am an Independent Online Retailer, I am able to set what offer's I like on the products I re-sell. My overheads are minimal, which means I don't need to factor additional costs on top of the Manufacturer's cost per product. For example, as I do not stock most items and the order is fulfilled directly and dispatched to the customer, I don't have warehouse storage costs, utilities to run that warehouse and so forth. This means that I can offer real quality gifts and pieces, at very reasonable prices and that includes offering multibuy savings on selected products.

"I know some people that seem to be buying gifts nearly every Month! The cost of that occurring every year can soon mount up, which is fine if you have an everlasting bank balance haha, but if you need to be a bit more gift-buying savvy, multi buy savings are a great step in the money-saving gift buying direction."

Craft Market / Market Stall Resellers | B&B & Guest House Owners | Bar & Cafe Owners | Aromatherapists

Many products are available for small bulking, where savings per item start when you purchase more than 2+ items and decreasing as you buy between another 2-6 of the same product. This might be handy for b&b / guest house Owners that want to give their customers something a little bit extra in their room, such as a lush smelling, hand crafted aromatherapy soap slice, or maybe you could leave a bath bomb in the bathroom for them. Handcrafted Soap Resellers can purchase these divine smelling, lovely looking soap loaves and save, in small bulk with no minimum order amount!

List Of All Gifts And Pieces That Have Multibuy Savings Available...

I thought it would be helpful if I listed all the available products/categories that have multibuy savings, or sold in pairs or 3's. Plus, if you need a little bit of inspiration in the gift buying department, something just might jump out at you as a great little gift, whilst keeping the spends down! PS: All links open in a new window.

Aromatherapy Department - Selected Essential Oils 10ml | Essential Oils 50ml Essential Oil Roller Blends 10ml | Aromatherapy Bath Salt Potions | Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candles

Natural Bath & Body Gifts - Selected Vegan Soap Slices Soap Loaves | Himalayan Bath Salt Blends |Handcrafted Bath Bombs

Ethically Sourced Handmade Fashion Jewellery - Power Bracelets

Ethical Home-wares - Candle Holders | Candles Handcrafted Mosaic decor

Home Fragrances - Oil Burners | Simmering Room Granules | Incense and Holders | Fragrant Soy Wax Melt Jars | Ancient Wisdom Home Room Sprays 100ml

Fair Trade Bags - Eco-Friendly Jute Bags For Life | Recycled Fish Shaped Bags

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