Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits And Uses

What Are The Benefits Of Turmeric Essential Oil?

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Turmeric is also referred to as 'Golden Spice' - This is believed to be the very 'Gold' that was gifted to Jesus by the Three Wise Men, due to it's powerful healing properties.

Turmeric is fantastic for the skin It’s been used as a remedy for many skin conditions, such as tackling acne prone skin, banishing blemishes and scars. Turmeric has rich antiseptic and antioxidant properties, which are both brilliant at fighting all kinds of skin ailments. Not only that, it can actually improve the skin’s elasticity.

Use Turmeric to treat sunburn - There was a study done in 2011, which was published in the Journal Of Cosmetic Dermatology stating that curcumin can protect your skin from sunburn damage. The conclusion that photo-protective properties from the extract showed improvement in the skin’s properties, such as hydration and sebum content. Turmeric also soothes irritated skin, as well as redness that comes with being sun-burnt. Simply mix a couple of drops of turmeric oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba and apply to the affected areas.

Turmeric for the hair, skin and internal goodness

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Anti-ageing - Turmeric has lots of antioxidants, which helps to keep your facial skin very soft and supple. It can also reduce fine lines, as well as giving your skin a healthy glow. Simply add turmeric essential oil drops - 1:1 ratio with a carrier base oil. Therefore, if you use 5 drops of jojoba base oil, add 5 drops of turmeric. Gently massage into the areas that are wrinkle prone, in particular, in-between the brows, on the forehead, around the mouth and nose area and above the upper lips. Use this mixture every evening for best results.

Soften hard cracked heels - Turmeric is excellent detoxifying properties. Mix a few drops of turmeric to a carrier oil such as caster oil and apply generously to your heels. Repeat this a couple of times a week and before bedtime, wearing some cotton socks. Let it work its magic whilst you sleep!

Turmeric Oil For Cancer - A study was done in 2008 by Cytokine Research Laboratory, Texas University whereby they state that cancer is 'an old-age' disease, which requires an 'old-age treatment'. Various studies show that curcumin,, which is turmeric's most powerful healing property, can actually inhibit and lessen the growth of cancer cells. There was also an article written back in 2006 called Biological Effects Of Curcumin and its Role In Cancer Chemo-prevention and Therapy, which states that curcumin can 'act as a chemo-preventative' agent in cancers of the colon, stomach and the skin', as well as being able to work on the molecular level to potentially prevent and even treat cancer! It's no wonder it was one of the three gifts given to Jesus when he was born: Gold, (Golden Spice), Frankincense and Myrrh.

Another study that was done in 2012, which involved 44 male participants who had lesions in their colon, which could possibly turn cancerous, showed that with 4gms of turmeric daily for a Month, the lesions were shown to be significantly reduced by 40%! What makes turmeric a real power house, is that it seems to selectively kill the cancerous cells and not the healthy ones - unlike chemo that kills both good and bad cells. I am personally a big fan of using turmeric.

Inflammation and Pain - As I briefly mentioned above, turmeric is fantastic for inflammation and pain, therefore, arthritis sufferers may consider giving it a go. That said, our bodies do require some level of inflammation to protect us from injuries and to help fight infections. However, too much inflammation, especially when chronic, is very bad for us and in the long term can lead to major diseases including cancer, brain disorders, arthritis, heart disease and stroke to name but a few.

Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is able to fight inflammation at molecular levels. Curcumin blocks the molecule NF-KB, which is responsible for activating genes in cell nuclei, which trigger inflammation. It's suggested that it is as powerful and effective as the anti-inflammatory drugs manufacturered by Pharma's - and without the unpleasant side effects that may come with taking them.

Therefore, take it for chronic disease, joint and muscle pains and aches, inflammation of the digestive tract and gout, to name just a few.

Turmeric For A Healthy Brain
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Turmeric For The Brain - BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) is the key hormone in the brain that is responsible for creating new neuron connections, which when the level of these are decreased, can potentially cause the onset of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Depression and Dementia. Curcumin has been shown in studies to boost our levels of BDNF.

This can potentially delay or even stop / reverse brain ailments by fighting brain cell degeneration, which obviously will have a long term positive effect on the function of the brain. It's worth using Turmeric also, if you have Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or perhaps had a stroke.

How To Use Turmeric Essential Oil?

There are various ways in which to incorporate turmeric essential oil into your day to day life. Although, AW'S turmeric essential oil is not to be ingested.

  • If you need something for sore, achy and/or painful muscles or joints, add a few drops to some carrier oil and massage over the affected area - that way it will spread well and sink through your skin into your bloodstream, which is where you want it to go!

    • Add a few drops to water in your plug-in diffuser or oil burner and let it envelope the air for you to breathe in. This will be good if you need a brain-boost!

Do I Need To Take Precautions When Using Turmeric Essential Oil?

Possible skin sensitivity. Keep-out of-reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

The above are just a few reasons why turmeric is such a good tool to have in your arsenal for good/better health. I personally take vegetarian gel capsules with turmeric and black pepper daily, as well as using the turmeric essential oil for diffusing and in my skin care regime.

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To find out even more about this wonderful spice and its benefits, I highly recommend you visit Cognitune (Opens in new window) and read their article.

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