What Are The Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

What Are The Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a wonderful addition to any home, office or other work space, because they look absolutely stunning and so unique; they'll certainly be noticed by any visitor that comes by.

Himalayan Salt is excavated from the Himalayan Mountains, Pakistan. It is thought it may actually be beneficial to our long-term general health, in particular, our respiratory system and airways.

When the salt lamp is lit and warms up, it emits positive ions that are released into the air and tackle the negative ions, which are creating this electric smog. Then there's dust and allergens, which are certainly not good for anyone's airways, especially those that suffer with respiratory problems such as asthma.

Some Facts About Himalayan Salt

* 100% Pure Himalayan Salt Rock
* A Natural Way To Ionize And Refresh Your Room Use In Your Home, Office or Work Space To Minimise That Unseen 'EMF'; *      which Stands For Electromagnetic Pollution, Otherwise Referred To As 'Electric Smog''.
* Sustainably made with fast growing jute.
* Includes Bulb
* Reduces dust, therefore reducing allergens - which is great for sufferer's of asthma or other respiratory health problems.

They would make the ideal moving into a new home gift, a birthday gift for that someone who has pretty much everything, as well as a unique Christmas pressie.

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