Cocktail Bath Bombs

Cocktail Bath Bombs  

PS: Apologies as we are currently out of stock of these bath bombs due to limited staff during coronavirus. We are working hard to get caught up and will have back in very soon!

Cocktails Without The Hangover!

It's surprising but true, now you really can chill out to a fizzing cocktail bath. Get completely soaked, by dropping a G&T or Mojito bath bomb in your bath. These Cocktail Bath Bombs contain the finest aromas of all your favourite mixed drinks. Each gift box contains three individually shrink-wrapped drink themed bombs, which are a lovely gift for the lover of these cocktails. Prosecco, for example, is an on-trend drink. A celebratory gift, ideal for weddings, birthdays and of course, Christmas , or as an alternative to a bottle of wine.

  • Each variation comes with its own unique scent and colour, making the bath smell and look just like the real cocktail. The Gin bath bombs would be my go-to!

These bath bombs are pure luxury, with all the added benefits of a bath bomb – your recipient, or even you if you decide to treat yourself,  will feel clean, relaxed, and happy after having bathed in a cocktail!

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