Handmade Mosaic Decor

Handmade Mosaic Decor  

Handcrafted Mosaic Decorative Pieces

Beautifully hand-crafted mosaic decorative pieces, includes bowls, signs, mirrors - all ethically fair traded. Ideal for the lover of handmade products; especially when ethically-friendly too!

Browse for something unique, a little bit different, could be a great gift idea for someone that you just don't know what to buy for their birthday or moving into a new home.

The range of Mosaic Mirrors are handmade in Bali from sustainable wood and recycled glass and black grout. They come in three different designs and choice of large 40 cm and small 30 cm, so you can hang them anywhere you like no matter how big the room.

What Is The History Of Mosaic Art?

Mosaic Art goes back to at least 4000 years ago and originated in a place called Mesopotamia, Western Asia, whereby bits of coloured stone, glass and other materials were first glazed into mosaic tiles, which were found in the then called Susa, now called Iran.

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