Himalayan Salt Rock Collection

Our Himalayan Salt Rock Collection comes directly from Pakistan, which is where the salt rock is also collected from, within the mountains. It's quite amazing to think that something from the 'Earth' has been seriously regarded as one of the healthiest salts in the World. (I only ever use Pink Himalayan Salt now in my cooking).

It contains about 84 minerals with which our own bodies need and knowing this makes it also believable that when a salt rock lamp is warmed from the light bulb, it is known to emit negatively charged ions in the air and rid it of that modern day 'smog' that is invisible to us, but is all around us. Using a Himalayan Salt Lamp around the home can benefit one's respiratory system, because it's a bit like lovely green plants that 'clean' our air, this is what Himalayan Salt Rock does too! Plus, they look awesome!

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