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Nu2Co-yTI6oyxI2Jr8qFmPIemjoy4JwBwZywghCrNE0chAtKXUwH1l65UuZ6-ZUUSxV9hVBUcd9h3epRAxSTMBQMdJadq4RCfrf2-NiFR1ukMOTZGrpksBSfYMMDNtzLqCKnf6Zk(I don’t take the best pics!) Hello, my name is Claire Riding and I am the shop owner of I wanted to introduce you to the person that is running this online shop - and let you know that you are buying from a trusted online reseller, which is very important, especially if you’ve never heard of my online gift shop before.


Here is my little fur baby called Bella. My friend fosters dogs from Romania, which is where she came from. Lovely Gifts and Pieces is also my 'baby', but in a different way!


IN THE BEGINNING….. Why Did I Set This Online Shop Up?

Well, it was started out of necessity really. I’ve always worked (full time) mostly in the field of retail sales, some customer service and administration based.  From the age of 18 I’d also work a second job behind a bar in the evenings.

Unfortunately, at the age of 28 I had to give that up because I have major problems with my lower back, whereby I am unable to stand for any length of time without leaning on something or being able to sit down due to the immense pain I get, basically, I am very limited to desk work only. My condition is called Discal Degenerative Disease. I also suffer with muscle spasms, stiffness and aches. (I’m 42 now and since my initial diagnosis, I’ve developed Lumbar Spondyslosis S1 and mild onset of arthritis in both my hips. I also suffer with essential hand tremors, depression and anxiety).

This is when I decided I needed to find some way to earn an income working from home, where I can manage my condition and work around my current part time hours. (I also work 16 hours a week in an office for a local garage door retailer/manufacturer). That said, there will come the day I won’t be able to physically manage going out to work, which was another massive reason for setting up my shop in this way. I personally would rather not have to rely on benefits and it is my mission that one day I can work full time from home and not have to rely on benefit top ups.


So, What Did I Do About It?


This is when I discovered something called drop shipping. It is basically working as an online reseller,  whereby my Manufacturer, (and I only work with one), sends orders directly to my customer once they receive payment from myself. It’s not much different from someone buying from Amazon for example, as they do fulfilment and send orders on behalf of their sellers.

Of course, it is important to work with a reputable dropshipper / wholesaler, but I also wanted to offer products that were a little bit different, perhaps not available on your High Street and if products were imported from overseas, they have to be subject to ethical fair trade policies and be eco-friendly too. (This is something I feel very passionate about)This is when I discovered Ancient Wisdom, who are based in Sheffield and I’ve partnered with.

You can read their page about their company ethics here at Ancient Wisdom (Opens New Window)

Therefore, with no prior knowledge of web design or coding, I set about learning how to set up a website and run it. I am still self-learning SEO, online marketing and everything else that comes with maintaining an ecommerce website.

Products are stock checked weekly. There are new products added Monthly. I am even able to offer multi buy savings on many selected gift products throughout my online shop. In particular, all year round small bulk buy savings on bath bombs, handmade soap slices and selected home fragrances.



In fact,  I am very proud of the lovely gifts and pieces I have to offer, especially because they are ethically-sourced from around the globe. They are also eco-friendly (as I mentioned before), because the materials used are always sustainable materials, such as jute, cotton, certain fast-growing woods etc.


What Products Do I Sell?


  • Aromatherapy Products

  • Bath & Body Gifts - Including Special Gift Bundles

  • For The Home - Soft Furnishings, Salt Lamps, Home Fragrances - Including Special Gift Bundles, Crystal-wear, Hand-Carved Wooden Gifts, Decorative Pieces, Candles & Candle Holders,

  • Ethically Fair Traded & Eco-Friendly Bags

  • Fashion Jewellery

  • Stoneware gifts


Where Can You Find And Follow Me Online?


You can follow me on social media:-


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Anyway, If you do browse my online shop, I hope you find it easy to navigate and simple to checkout and go! Thanks for reading this today, I'll let you get on with some happy browsing!


Claire X